The REP has an amazing array of shows coming up this May. From live music, to award-winning plays, to drag, dress up and heartache, The REP is full of fantastic new work, just waiting to be discovered.

Plus, you can save 20% if you book 6 or more tickets at the same time – scroll down to find out more!

Between The Two
3 – 4 May
Onboard a ship, we meet a young woman on her voyage between homes. Having grown up in India and witnessing firsthand the historic events leading to Independence, she is now making the journey to Britain, where she will spend the rest of her life.
Through flash-backs to her life in India and flash-forwards to her future in the UK, the picture is painted of someone caught between two worlds, races and cultures. Where do we belong when the maps are redrawn?

I Want Love (Part 1)
9 – 10 May
This show is a demand for love. The story of a break-up and a search for new love, that really gets to the heart of the matter. A comedy and a protest for individual freedom, asking what happened, what it means to love another and why he messed up. What is it about love that makes us all a little crazy?

Am I Dead Yet?
11 – 13 May
Two friends, talking (and singing) about what happens when we die, how we think about dying, and how some of us might be brought back. Made in collaboration with Emergency Care professionals, Am I Dead Yet? is filled with stories and songs about death and dying and about how we don’t talk about it enough.

Hackney Colliery Band
13 May
Described as ‘one of the best live bands we have in the country’ by BBC Radio 2, Hackney Colliery Band has a set list as diverse as borough from which they take their name. With an eclectic mix of dancefloor-filling contemporary rock, jazz, soul and electronica, Hackney Colliery Band play The REP the day after they drop their newest album – and we can’t wait!

My Country
16 – 20 May
Between Brexit and now Theresa May’s call for a general election, it seems that we can’t escape politics. But if you’re ready to make your own Brexit from all the heavy political hullabaloo, then we have some perfect light relief for you – My Country.
Honest and amusing, this new collaboration between Carol Ann Duffy, Poet Laureate and Rufus Norris, the artistic director of the National Theatre is drawn from interviews with real people nationwide. The debate is passionate, the darts are sharp, stereotypes nailed and opinions divided. Can there ever be a United Kingdom?

23 – 25 May
Tank won the Fringe First Award for its take on a strange and wonderful subject matter. Inspired by the Dolphin House experiments from 1965, in which a researcher lived with a dolphin for ten weeks to try and teach him to speak English, this show explores what this all really meant and what happens when you inject a cetacean with LSD. If it all sounds a bit fishy to you then you won’t want to miss this…

26 – 27 May
Why should drag queens get to have all the fun? This award winning new play tells the story of Joan of Arc, perhaps the world’s very first drag king. Performed by drag king champion, Lucy Jane this explosively brilliant show explores what it’s like to stand out, stand up and stand alone.


Buy 6 or more tickets for Between The Two, I Want Love (Part 1), Am I Dead Yet?, Tank and Joan at the same time and save 20%. Simply visit the REP website, call the box office on 0121 236 4455 or visit in person and quote DOORSPRING17 when booking.

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