London is one of the most amazing cities in the world to live in, but it also comes with its fair share of pitfalls too. There are London problems that these apps have gone out of their way to solve, see if these would end up making your life much easier.

This app and Google Maps are some of our most used ones within the city. They’re perfect for travelling via public transport, car or even just on foot. This app is super easy to use and considering how difficult it can be to travel around London, it’s an absolute lifesaver.

When you’re running late or just want to find the easiest way to get somewhere, turn to this app. Be sure to save the directions if you’re planning on dotting down to the underground, as the signal can be a bit dodgy when you get down there.

London Bus Live Countdown
Another travel based app, this one is targeted at those that are tired of waiting around in the rain for a bus. It feeds news directly from Transport for London into the palm of your hand so you can tell when the next one will show up. This will alert you to any problems on the roads and you can even track down the exact bus that you want to be on.

It’s a bit Big Brother but it comes in handy, you can even impress your mates while you use it.

Mobile Casinos
Another day, another trip on the tube staring into monotony. How about if you tried out some amazing mobile casinos, like the ones that you can find listed on These can spice up your commute with a jackpot win, if you hit thousands then you might not even bother going to work anymore!

Let’s face it, you’ll need to hit the Euro Millions to afford a house in London these days…

Are you a habitual spender? Do you need to cut down? This app helps you to track absolutely everything that you spend by linking into your credit card. If you buy lunch out every day and go out after work, then prepare to be shamed by this app as it totals up all those wasted pounds.

Prices for food and drink in London are scary enough, but it gets even more terrifying when you see all of the cash totalled up at the end of the week. If you’re trying to cut down on the amount that you spend then this is the app for you.

It seems like there’s always something going on in London, you just have to know where and when to appear. This app lists and collates all of the happening events that you may just want to get down to. There are free and paid events, so you can go with whatever suits your budget.

We really like this app because it opens up a side of the city that you may never have experienced, even if you’ve lived here long term. There’s no excuse for a boring Friday night now!

We hope these apps help you in defeating those pesky problems that plague London based life. As much as living in the capital can be a pain sometimes, most people wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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