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We’ve compiled just a few of the lovely items that we think any art lover would be delighted to receive on Christmas day.

Alec Soth 
Sleeping by the Mississippi
Sleeping by the Mississippi by Alec Soth is one of the defining publications in the photobook era. First published by Steidl in 2004, it was Soth’s first book, sold through three editions, and established him as one of the leading lights of contemporary photographic practice. This MACK edition launches to coincide with the first exhibition in London dedicated to the series at Beetles+Huxley gallery, and includes two new photographs that were not included in the previous versions of the book. £40.00

David Hicks Scrapbooks by Ashley Hicks
Iconic Designer David Hicks took the 1960s decorating world by storm with his bold geometric prints and electrifying colour combinations. For decades, Hicks documented every salient moment of his life in 24 scrapbooks. Now, his son Ashley Hicks has chosen over 300 of his father’s best scrapbook pages to provide a window into the extraordinary world of David Hicks and a fascinating look back in time. £60

Yves Saint Laurent Accessories By Patrick Mauriès
Fifteen years have passed since Yves Saint Laurent’s final runway show at the Centre Pompidou, yet the legacy of the master couturier lives on through his immense archive. Regarded as one of the greatest figures in French fashion, Saint Laurent is celebrated as the inventor of the modern woman’s wardrobe. This October, Phaidon will publish Yves Saint Laurent Accessories, an exclusive homage to, and retrospective of, the iconic fashion designer’s jewellery, hats, belts, gloves, shoes and handbags. From his shoes designed with Roger Vivier for the Mondrian dress to his Braque-inspired bird-shaped earrings alongside less-known designs, this compelling survey is the only book to focus exclusively on Saint Laurent’s rarely documented couture accessories.
Published by Phaidon £39.95

Magnum Atlas – Around the World in 365 Photos
With this prestigious photo agency now in its seventieth year, this new photo book contains the most striking photography from the Magnum archive, that has ever been collected in one volume. As readers flip the pages they will find themselves travelling from west to east across the globe. Each country is represented in three or four images captured by a single photographer. While renowned figures such as Robert Capa, Bruce Davidson and Martin Parr are included, readers will also find younger photographers
such as Olivia Arthur, Alessandra Sanguinetti and Mikhael Subotzky, all of whom present a unique treasury of the world around us, shining a light on the human condition in every corner of the globe. Published by Prestel – £22.50

Artists Who Make Books
Throughout history, the artist’s book has long been an important form of expression. This October, Phaidon is delighted to publish Artists Who Make Books, a showcase of thirty-two internationally recognised artists who have integrated book production into their larger creative practice.
Published by Phaidon £79.95

Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World
Universe is a ground-breaking survey that celebrates the wonders of the cosmos through 300 stunning images. From prehistoric cave painting and medieval manuscripts to contemporary art and the latest images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, Universe explores how artists and scientists across cultures and civilisations have been inspired by – and have endeavoured to understand – the beauty and mystery of the stars, planets and beyond.
Published by Phaidon £39.95

The Art Museum

Imagine nearly 2000 of the world’s most important and influential artworks gathered in one place. Now imagine being taken on a private tour of this collection with some of the world’s most distinguished museum curators, art scholars, and archaeologists as your personal guides. This October, Phaidon will publish a revised edition of the groundbreaking compendium The Art Museum – a revolutionary ‘virtual museum’ redesigned for easy viewing and reading.
Published by Phaidon £39.95

PHOTODARIUM – The one and only polaroid tear-off calendar
PHOTODARIUM is back with  its 7th issue. Day-by-day the calendar reveals an instant photo with its own little story from 250 photographers and instant-fans worldwide. In addition to the classic edition they also offer an uncensored private edition for the second time. A modern and young view on eroticism beyond pornographic clichés – from photographers and individuals all around the world. Emancipated and honest. The edition is limited and includes a nice censor sticker set for the most explicit images.

Jon Burgerman’s Daily Doodle
Jon Burgerman shows you how to doodle a dragon, scribble a sausage and colour a chameleon in this hilarious how-to guide! Inspired by Jon’s popular Snapchat Daily Doodle, this book is packed with instructions, hints and tips to create your own scribbletastic doodles, from dogs, doughnuts and dinosaurs to whales, wigs and wizards. This crazy collection contains over 100 silly ideas to scribble, funny things to spot along the way, and more than 40 stickers!
Published by Laurence King – £12.95

Hattie Stewart’s Doodlebomb Sticker Book
‘Professional doodler’ Hattie Stewart uses her fun, flirty and cool artwork to customize magazine covers in a style she calls doodlebombing. With this jam-packed sticker book you can doodlebomb your own books, posters and anything you like. With over 500 stickers the possibilities are endless. Includes an introduction with images of Hattie’s own work to inspire your own creations.
Published by Laurence King – £15.99

The National Art Pass
National Art Pass provides free entry to over 240 museums, galleries and historic houses across the UK, as well as 50% off entry to major exhibitions. Buy as a gift for a friend or family member, and with the ‘plus one’ option members can also take a different guest to each visit. Every National Art Pass sale directly supports UK museums and galleries through the Art Fund.
Prices: Individual membership: £65 (with Plus One + £35) / Under 26 membership: £32 / Family membership: £107

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