“I don’t know why the tie was ever invented,” says Richard Branson. “It’s about one of the few things that Britain has exported successfully and it completely destroyed those lovely robes that the Japanese used to wear, and now everyone looks the same and dresses the same. I often have a pair of scissors in my top pocket to go cutting people’s ties off.”

You can’t really argue with his view, even if he isn’t high on our go-to fashion advice list. With everyone looking the same how can you build that individuality?

Fortunately, companies around the world are listening to this new ‘casual’ logic and embracing the more relaxed atmosphere in the office. Even renowned suit and tie diehards JP Morgan are letting their employees relax a little bit. The New York Times reported that the firm have told all 237,420 workers that it was making ‘business casual’ its everyday dress code commencing summer 2016.

With your weekend clothes becoming your work clothes it can leave you a bit out of sorts with what to wear for a night out. It’s difficult to get in the mood if you’re wearing stuff you’ve had on at work the day before and likewise at work you can feel less productive if you’re in your weekend slacks. So how do you get the balance right? The trick is to have a basic outfit for work that you can ‘jazz up’ for a night out with accessories.

Consider dressing up a day shirt with some sharp cufflinks and a black belt for a brown belt. Simple changes with accessories can shake up any outfit into ‘going out’ attire.  Equally to smarten up a weekend outfit for the office, have you invested in a winter scarf? They can miraculously change a whole outfit, especially if they’re complimentary to your eye colouring and tied correctly. Follow Mr Porter’s instructions on ‘How To Tie a Scarf’ to make sure you’ve got it under wraps and once you’ve chosen your style get shopping!

Finally, have a look at your footwear. Trainers have gone full circle recently and thankfully old school trainers are back in fashion. However, remember some pubs and clubs don’t allow trainers so keep this in mind when you’re switching up your outfit for the evening. If you’re swapping your work slacks for trainers, consider investing in some New Balance vintage inspired trainers or some Adidas Originals, the old greats. All you need now is a spritz of aftershave and you’re good to go!

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