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This series of screenings, readings, talks and performances at Studio Voltaire expands on key contexts and themes within Putti’s Pudding, an exhibition of works by Cookie Mueller and Vittorio Scarpati (9 September – 12 November 2017).

‘Putti’s Pudding’ is a book and ‘final project’ by American writer and actor Mueller, and her husband, Italian artist Scarpati. Published in 1989, the same year both died from complications related to AIDS, it pairs drawings by Scarpati with writing by Mueller. Reimagined as an exhibition at Studio Voltaire, Putti’s Pudding features forty–five original felt–tip pen on notepad drawings made by Scarpati when he lost the ability to speak, with accompanying texts by Mueller.

Mueller’s work was frequently published in journals such as Bomb and High Times, as well as Details magazine, where she was the art critic and her ‘Art and About’ and ‘Travel Guide’ columns were published from 1982–1989. She was a contributing editor at East Village Eye, where Mueller authored a monthly self–help column Ask Dr. Mueller which covered everything from AIDS conspiracy theories to new age remedies, with quick–witted humour and candidness. Mueller’s Walking Through Clear Water in a Pool Painted Black (1990) was the first book published by Chris Kraus’ Native Agents imprint for Semiotext(e).

A special series of readings celebrates this incredible body of work and Mueller’s pervading influence and relevance to artists, writers and filmmakers today, including contributions from Juliette Blightman, Bonnie Camplin, Charlie Fox  Martin Hargreaves, Juliet Jacques, Olivia Laing, Huw Lemmey, Paul Pieroni, Sophie Robinson, Edward Thomasson and Isabel Waidner.

9 September–12 November 2017
Studio Voltaire
1A Nelson’s Row


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