deTour, an energetic, cutting-edge festival running parallel with BODW and held at The former Police Married Quarters buildings. Now known as PMQ,  Neglected for a decade the premises, built in the 1950s, have now taken on a new lifeblood with the deTour event beating the drum for young talents, emerging designers and artists. the site is now a nucleus for contemporary design, fashion, cafes and galleries and offers an affordable incubation space for the Hong Kong creatives in a vibrant hub of activity – and a place of opportunity – for its young creatives, .which is an invaluable resource in a City as expensive as Hong Kong.

deTour at PMQ

William To and the team at PMQ have worked hard to turn the general populous onto design. In a city where talent is ripe, but rents are high, PMQ offers invaluable nurturing  and incubation space for those on the first rung of the business ladder. One of the most successful initiatives to promote local creative culture while conserving heritage, PMQ has attracted millions of visitors since its launch in April 2014 and is a crucial step in further developing the Hong Kong creative scene.

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