Inspiration for fashion-forward street style, such as ECCO’s Athleisure sneakers, can sometimes strike in the wild, even in the mountains.

In keeping with the Danish shoemaker’s history of nature powering exploration and innovation, mountain crevasse have inspired the design of the ECCO SCINAPSE’s outsole. While the clean and minimalistic design will appeal to the urban, contemporary man, both the stylish yak leather used in the uppers, and the creative thinking behind the dynamic comfort platform, originate above sea level.

Among the benefits of a crevasse-shaped outsole construction is that energy is transferred towards the external edge of the foot for a dynamic push-off, while the centre naturally absorbs shock for a comfortable step. Combined with single density PU, the pioneering sole also makes ECCO SCINAPSE a lightweight, flexible and stable shoe.

Dynamic comfort is delivered straight out of the box, with the ECCO NoSHANK™ construction and the single-injected SD.PU sole unit making for an easy and light walking experience. With its anatomical last and inlay sole, the ECCO SCINAPSE allows every foot strike to mimic natural movement.

There is an ideal balance of performance cushioning and rebound, with ECCO’s own FLUIDFORM™ direct-injection technology forming a bond between the sole and the uppers. Yaks have adapted to some of the most inhospitable climates on Earth, with their hides producing durable and lightweight leather, so the uppers represent ECCO’s connection to nature, as well as heritage and craftsmanship.


The minimalist design of this premium high-top sneaker gives focus to the fresh combination of first-grade materials, with the waxed, shrunken-look yak leather paired with state-of-the-art PU textile. An on-trend shoe that can be enjoyed all day, thanks to the innovative sole, it is offered in the Wild Dove/Wild Dove colourway.

A speed-lace system brings a sporty touch to this minimalist, high-top sneaker, which is made from durable and lightweight yak leather, either with a matte finish or a firm, waxed, shrunken look. The contemporary man with a sense of style will be drawn to this shoe, which is offered in two colourways: Black/Black and Vollutto. Available only in 50 select locations worldwide.

This low-cut sneaker’s minimalist design is enhanced by the premium, perforated yak leather, with that durable and lightweight material coming in a matte finish or with a firm, waxed, shrunken look. Offered in the Vollutto colourway, the shoe has a wrap-round stretchable textile sock for added comfort that makes walking even more of a pleasure.


To mark the 25th anniversary of the ECCO TRACK II, ECCO has updated the boot for 2017. A quarter of a century of heritage is fused with cutting edge technology and materials.

The new ECCO TRACK 25 features the technology of today, providing exceptional comfort and performance while retaining the original, stylish silhouette of the iconic ECCO TRACK II. The versatile utility boot is available in both ladies and men’s sizes. With an updated range of colours and materials, the new ECCO TRACK 25 is suited for everything from a lakeside trail adventure to a stroll around the city centre.

Even in the wettest weather, the foot is kept dry and comfortable thanks to the GORE-TEX® waterproof construction, with the uppers consisting of breathable full-grain leather and durable, oiled Nubuck.

ECCO’s smart technology, in the shape of the leather-covered ECCO Comfort Fibre System Inlay Sole, gives all-day comfort. As the wearer walks, the pumping effect of the foam beneath the upper surface pushes air through the tiny holes in the lining to increase circulation around the foot. For enhanced comfort, there is the option of additional width with the Inlay Sole. With a direct-injected, two-component sole consisting of a PU mid-sole, and a TPU outsole, this is a light, flexible and highly comfortable shoe with outstanding grip.

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