Californian trio L.A. Witch’s reverb-heavy, garage-rock, psych sounds transport you back to warm Californian nights in smoky rooms. This isn’t music for the masses; it’s music for  delinquents, burnouts, vagabonds and dreamers and they ooze badassness. We caught up with Irita Pai, the bass player in the coolest band in Los Angeles.

The L.A Witch sound and style
Dark, lots of black and lots of reverb.

The worst gig we’ve ever played
We played a show in Europe on a boat. During the whole set there was this group of really drunk old guys who were yelling really sexist and derogatory things at us the entire time we were setting up and playing. It was kind of surreal. I think we were just trying to ignore them, and be professional and just go on with the show. Finally another girl from the opening band basically told them to shut up and gave them shit for it. I was so grateful.

 The craziest post-gig experience
Once we got invited to the apartment of the Swiss equivalent of Frank Sinatra. It had beautiful plush white 60’s carpeting, a vibrating bed and a dining room and each wall had a floor-to-ceiling display of backlit whiskey bottles of all kinds.

A perfect day and night in L.A
Breakfast at Nick’s Cafe or Proof. Vintage shopping on Melrose and record shopping at Amoeba. I also love going to The Getty, it’s free and there’s really beautiful views of the city. Sushi for dinner in Little Tokyo, and a movie at the Arclight or Laemmle.

 The best hidden secret about L.A
Yang Chow in Chinatown has the best Chinese food in the city.

 Strangest celebrity encounter
Ryan Gosling and Aziz Ansari at a party at a raw vegan restaurant. Also Mr. T at the Ralph’s in Sherman Oaks.

 What I miss about L.A when we’re on tour
The sunny weather, good Asian and Mexican food, my own bed.

L.A Witch’s self titled debut album is out now

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