Whilst there is an almost infinite number of ways that we can style our bedrooms with bedside dressers, chaise longue day beds, and Ottoman beds, the basic spatial concerns of a bedroom remain the same.

So that whether you are looking to upgrade your cosy apartment, or are seeking to emulate the grandeur of the Dream Hotel Hollywood, here are some key factors that you must incorporate in your bedroom design.

Although we all may add features like chairs, televisions and even houseplants into a bedroom, it’s always important to keep the room feeling uncluttered.

Keeping plenty of space means that you will have room to get in and out of the bedroom, can walk around the room with ease, and you will also have a decent 30-inch space to get out of bed without falling onto your bedside dresser!

The size of your bed will always determine how much freedom you have to incorporate other pieces of furniture. And whilst it’s tricky to get the bed to room ratio right in smaller bedrooms, you’ll want to ensure that there’s room to walk around your bed with ease.

The horizontal height of furniture in the bedroom can also cause the occasional headache. There’s nothing like having a bedside table that is too low for your bed to make the room look out of kilter.

And similarly if you have a dresser, think how its dimensions work in relation to your bed. And if it’s feeling too cluttered, then think about placing a mirror on top to make the room feel a little less cramped.

Cluttered bedrooms are usually a good sign that we’re not doing all we can to improve the storage facilities of our sleeping spaces.

This is why it’s always a good idea to ‘build high’ with bookshelves and stackable boxes when space is at a premium. Although there is also the good option of getting a space-saving piece of furniture like the Ottoman beds at Bedstar that can do a great job in freeing up space in your bedroom.

We should also make a note of how the ancient art of Feng Shui can also work wonders in subtly bringing your bedroom into harmony with the rest of the home.

So that whether that’s banishing electronics, improving the quality of the air, or even placing your Ottoman bed in line with the door, it will all add up to a much more harmonious place to rest and relax.

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