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Miss Led’s Illustration for Fashion includes over 2 hours of intensive e-learning organised into chapters, allowing you to view the Video Tutorial Series in order or to pick or revisit individual chapters when needed.

Illustration for Fashion simplifies the process into 3 main steps, Drawing, Colouring and Finishing.

Learn to master both traditional and digital techniques in detailed step-by-step Video Chapters with Miss Led, where she will cover:

• Drawing the basic figure
– Reference
– Materials
– Simple guides
– Adding guides for clothes and hair
– Finishing Lines

• Adding Colour
– Different tools for applying colour, brushes + water brushes
– Fabric quality
– Showing depth

• Dynamic detailing with mixed media
– Digital techniques
– Picking out the elements of clothing and accessories
– Extending marks & splashes to add character
– Creating an interesting composition

• Finishing with pencil and ink
– Highlighting and adding shadows
– Blush and sparkles

**Bonus: Digital section
– Basic scanning of work and textures
– Cleaning up using photoshop
– Composition and Digital collage
– Colour manipulation
– Finishing

So whether you are a beginner or an artist looking to develop your practice and learn new skills, you’ll find this Video Tutorial Series an invaluable tool for creating dynamically beautiful, client-ready illustration work.

To celebrate the launch of Miss Led’s  tutorials we have invited her to BIRMINGHAM on the 8th October at Eye Candy’s POP UP store for a very special masterclass. If you’d like to book a space then email kerry@fusedmagazine.com. Masterclass starts at 1pm.

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