When luxury fashion house Versace and a property combine together you undeniably get the most incredible fusion. The word Iconic these days is over used, so we try to only use it in the most genuine way, but Palazzo Versace is truly an iconic hotel birthed from an iconic fashion brand.

When we heard about the new opening of the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai, booking the next available flight to experience and see the property was first on the priority list. Versace is of course notoriously known to be one of the most over the top and lavish fashion houses to date, so you can only imagine what living in Versace world would look and feel like.

When staying at a property as such, we no doubt want to tell the world and it’s certainly one to brag about, after all we only live one life so making memories is essential. Upon entrance to the hotel you immediately feel a sense of Italian royalty, it’s a neoclassical master piece with the most micro attention to fine detailing. Be prepared for a mind blowing entrance to the hotel, high ceilings and a range of well crafted Italian furniture. What makes this hotel extra special is the Middle Eastern inspired touches, just incase you get lost in the Italian fashion world – those soft touches remind you that you’re in the Versace Dubai. Strolling through the hotel property, your senses are exhilarated by the lagoon pool and the elegant romantic Italian gardens paired with beautiful eye pleasing unobstructed views of the Dubai Creek and skyline.

Property location is such a key player when staying in Dubai, it’s essential when travelling to such a busy city that the location of your property is close enough to all the main tourist attractions but far enough from the hustle and bustle of the city, Palazzo Versace is located in the most perfect location in Dubai – a newly developed area which means keeping a fairly low profile in a rather high profile property. Space and high ceilings help make us feel at ease when travelling, there’s nothing better than excessive space and nothing worse than tight congested space, so to enter a signature room and feel that you have your own private suite is certainly a bonus.

At the hotel, the brand essence and brand energy is present throughout every part of the hotel, the silk bathrobes and the luxurious bed sheets that can easily have you over sleep through your alarm, all the way down to the parquet flooring, this hotel truly blows minds. Every single piece of furniture in the hotel has specifically been custom made for the Palazzo Versace Dubai, from handcrafted Mosaic and Carrara marble tiling all the way to the pastel palette of silk furnishings, the Versace Dubai drenches you in luxury. We love luxury, and for luxury lovers who crave new experiences that nurture the soul, the Versace Dubai will most certainly set a new level and standard of what opulence truly means. Every aspect of this hotel has been well thought out, from the lighting to the combination of hues within the rooms, and even to the chosen textures, this is most certainly what we would imagine Donatella’s mansion would look like. This is hands down how it looks not only to live fashion, but on every level breath fashion.

Eight restaurants in the hotel leave you spoilt for choice, but our personal favourite has got to be the Mosaico, as it carries the visual DNA of the brand, the iconic Medusa inspired design is present throughout, and additionally there is a personal reflection of Gianni Versace’s ornate compositions at the very heart of the hotel keeping his presence and legacy stamped in the property. The all-day dining menu serves mouth watering dishes that are classic and international, and the Afternoon Tea menu serves delightful treats with aromatic high quality tea for the elegant travellers that enjoy a High Tea experience.

Moving on to the relaxation activities, we have all been there, when a hotel spa is not as great as the hotel and the disappointment is quite bluntly profound, so we had to personally experience the spa just to ensure the treatment experience was just as lavish and as mind-blowing as the hotel itself. Of course we were not disappointed, how could we be at Donatella Versace’s standards? It just wouldn’t add up. Our most favoured spa experience was the Ceremonial Hammam treatment, a one hundred and twenty minute intense ritual that includes a black soap application, full body exfoliation followed by stretches that help ease stiffness and body tension. Leaving your skin silky soft, free from dead skin and your mind and soul west rested in a tranquil environment – this treatment is certainly a must try during your stay and not to mention this is the world’s first Versace spa.

Not only has this hotel been tattooed in our memory as one of the world’s most lavish and artistically alluring fashion hotels, and not only has the guest service provided during the stay forever indebted us, the hotel has opened our minds to a world of infinite possibilities and set a new level of standard to what luxury truly means, when the Palazzo Versace Hotel can quite literally create a visual art gallery in form of a hotel, we believe that anything in life is possible and the Palazzo Versace Dubai is a prime example. From exquisite dining menus, to breathtaking lagoon pools, and rooms you want to eternally lock yourself in, the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai is perfect for luxury travellers and for a vacation that will take you to a whole new world.

Words: Maria Asadi




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