With Summer 2016 well in it’s stride, those who live for trips abroad will already be turning their minds to their next great adventure. So where exactly are people heading to during the sunshine months this year?

If the new Jungle Book film has whet your appetite for exploring the jungles of India, why not take a safari this summer? There are tours of the country’s Satpura national park available that will let you get a glimpse of animals like the Bengal tiger – as well as camp out overnight. Alternatively, the Forsyth Trail is a tour lasting ten days that incorporates Satpura in addition to Pench Tiger Reserve. For those who are looking for something a bit more exciting and adventurous for their summer break, this could be just the ticket.

Immortalised by George Orwell, Burma is a destination that will truly allow you to escape the modern world during your holiday. It is gaining in admiration as a tourist spot, but is still relatively unknown so now is the time to see the Bagan temples and the pagodas at Shwe Indein, cruise the Irrawaddy River, explore the capital city of Inwa or hike in the Shan Highlands, before they become too popular. Burma remains truly unspoilt at the moment, but probably won’t stay that way, so grab your chance.

Las Vegas
This is one place that has never stopped being a popular choice for holidays, for the simple reason that it really does have something for everyone. As with all of the above places, Vegas is hot during the summer, making it ideal for those keen to escape the British weather, but the entertainment is the real reason to go there. The casino is king here, and the Bellagio – with its famed fountains – the MGM Grand and Venetian are just three of the splendid ones to be found. Alongside the casino games similar to the ones you can find at, these offer treats like gondola rides (the Venetian) and live sports and music (the Garden Arena at the MGM Grand).

If you crave a quiet, secluded beach spot where you can spend some relaxing time together as a couple, the island of Palagruzza will be perfect. Situated in the Adriatic sea, it is halfway between Italy and Croatia and provides stunning views of the deep blue ocean. It has two beautifully maintained beaches, Veli Zal and Stara Vlaka, and is home to no one except the keeper of the lighthouse – ensuring a warm, tranquil holiday experience.

There are almost too many brilliant choices available for summer breaks this year, making deciding the difficult part.


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