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The Warriors // True Facts of a Cult Classic

The cast of cult classic movie The Warriors will make their way to the UK for a special Warriors celebration event at Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham, 1st and 2nd April 2017.
In the 1979 movie, inspired in part by Greek history, a peace meeting uniting New York City gangs turns sour when the charismatic gang leader who called the truce is suddenly murdered. With Coney Island troupe The Warriors wrongly blamed, all hell breaks loose and the group must fight their way home, with rival gangs and the police in pursuit. From legendary Hollywood director Walter Hill (48 Hours, Bullet to the Head) the movie would go on to become a surprise hit and one of his best loved films.

The UK Conclave will be the first Warriors conclave event in the UK. The lovingly crafted event will feature exhibits, panels, cosplay, stalls and a variety of other fun elements and surprises.

The Warriors

To celebrate this ‘must see’ fan event, we present some of the most fascinating facts surrounding this timeless cult classic…

1. The Warriors is loosely based on Anabasis, a historic tale of Greek mercenaries isolated behind Persian enemy lines who had to fight their way home.
2. The original novel by Sol Yurick, written 14 years earlier, challenged the romanticised view of street gangs from films like West Side Story, based on his experience as a New York City welfare department worker.
3. Due to gang violence at many screenings, Paramount completely removed advertising from radio and television and severely reduced print ads. 200 US cinemas even added security personnel.
4. Earning a positive response from younger audiences, by its sixth week the film had grossed over $16 million in box office receipts.
5. The film featured many real gang members and the iconic opening showing Cyrus’ speech utilised over 1000 extras.
6. Actor David Patrick Kelly improvised Luther’s famous “come out to play” taunt, one of the film’s most well known lines.
7. For a publicity photo, The Warriors gang logo was painted on a building, inadvertently over a real gang’s tag. The gang didn’t take lightly to this, so the producers paid them to appear in the film.
8. The bat wielding Baseball Furies gang was created by combining director Walter Hill’s love of baseball and the style of makeup used by the band Kiss.
9. Allegedly, US President Ronald Reagan was a fan of the film. He even phoned lead actor Michael Beck to tell him he screened it at Camp David, the President’s country retreat.
10. Rockstar’s eponymous hit video game adaptation, featuring most of the original cast, celebrated it’s 10th anniversary last year. Players could relive the classic storyline while learning how each character first joined the gang.
11. The movie has been referenced throughout pop culture, in TV series like The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Black Dynamite and Luke Cage and in music such as Twisted Sister’s ‘Come Out and Play’,  Pop Will Eat Itself’s ‘Can U Dig It’, Biohazard’s ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ and the entire theme of popular new Madrid based Heavy Metal band, Lizzies as well as Birmingham based band Copter’s rocket powered rock & soul live reinterpretation of the soundtrack (see below)
12. It was recently announced that The Russo Brothers (Captain America franchise) will collaborate with Paramount Television and Hulu for a re-imagined TV adaptation.

The Warriors come out to play at Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham on 1st & 2nd April 2017

Also on 1st April ColdRice presents:
featuring a very special live set from COPTER as they score The Warriors plus SWAMPMEAT FAMILY BAND, THEE LIZZIES, THE TERROR WATTS and DJs playing New York gang music all night.


Tickets: £10 *LTD GROUP SPECIAL, 4 for £20*
Hare & Hounds, 106 High st, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7JZ

Train leaves the station at 8pm, be on it!

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