You never really feel like you’re on vacation without a water activity, a ride in the ocean always makes you feel like you’re on a real vacation and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We love Yachts, and fortunately Yachts doesn’t always have to be for billionaires and the famous, ordinary travellers can have a taste of the high life with Xclusive Yachts in Dubai Marina. With all Xclusive Yachts being lavish and luxurious but still pretty affordable, Xclusive yachts in Dubai caters to all your needs and even allows you to have your own party on the Yacht, P-Diddy style. Upon arrival to the Yacht, you are served cold drinks and refreshments, dining can also be pre arranged or if you prefer you can bring your own and even catch a fish in the sea and cook in yourself in the mini kitchen on the Yacht.

There’s something really therapeutic and magical about being in the middle of the ocean, silencing your mind from all the inner noise and chatter, and truly escaping from land and entering nature at its finest. You can play your own music as loud as you like without worrying about disturbing your neighbours, as luckily you won’t have any in the middle of the sea. You can sunbath and frequently cool down by taking dips and dives in the Gulf waters, or you can take some time and take a nap in the bedroom of your yacht or chill in the living room area. Experiencing a yacht journey in Dubai is truly magical, with crystal clear waters and overwhelmingly beautiful views of Dubai,experiencing a Yacht cruise will truly enhance your vacation when in the United Arab Emirates.

Established in 2006, Xclusive Yachts is Dubai’s leading Yacht charter company offering a range of watersports facilities that are completely safe when safety instructions are listened to. Whether you are a corporate traveller, a leisure traveller, or you just want to celebrate an occasion, Xclusive are masters in handling all requests and making all your desires and requests possible.

The Yachts vary in size, working in a similar way to private jets, the bigger the yacht, the more people can be carried, however the most standard yacht generally carries fifteen people which is relatively high. Dubai is undeniably one of the most beautiful places on earth, and for those that want to explore what Dubai has to offer and first hand see how beautiful the view of the city is, taking a yacht trip is a must. Two hour trips are minimum, but as time passes by fast when you’re having fun, we recommend booking a few additional hours just to leave enough time for photos, sunbathing, sea diving, and to generally have the luxury of time to experience the full journey.

Maria Asadi

Xclusive Yachts


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