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Yoko Ono and Tiger unite to democratise access to art

Yoko Ono has collaborated with Danish brand Tiger to publish a ground breaking new conceptual art book, reinforcing that art should be accessible to all. The launch of the book, entitled ‘Conceptual Photography’, coincides with the artist’s latest exhibition ‘Yoko Ono: One Woman Show 1960–1971’, taking place at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

The conceptual art book plays poetically with words and uses photography to draw the reader into the artist’s universe. It creates an unconventional lyrical universe, composed of text and images that engage spectators with subtle humour and challenges them to cast an unexpected glance at life.

Yoko Ono also urges spectators to “Rearrange the photos in your mind” to immerse themselves fully in the emotional experience of the conceptual art book.

Two years in the making, the publication of Conceptual Photography is the first in a series of international artistic and cultural collaborations. Tiger have entered into several innovative partnerships within various art institutions, most recently with the National Gallery of Denmark, in conjunction with the Elmgreen & Dragsets exhibition Biography.

In a revolutionary move, Tiger and Yoko Ono agreed to release the book for just £10 making it truly accessible to all and reaffirming the mutual belief that the best shouldn’t be the reserve of the few.

Mai Due Brinch, Concept Development Manager at Tiger comments, “Conceptual Photography breaks down genre borders, creating a fascinating ‘universe’ of text and images. The collaboration with Yoko Ono felt symbiotic given we share the same mission; to democratise access to art and move towards a truly inclusive experience, fair to both artist and spectator. We also believe that artists should retain their artistic freedom therefore the proceeds from the sales are therefore divided evenly between the artist and Tiger 50:50, a philosophy mutually shared by Yoko Ono too”.

Conceptual Photography is being launched worldwide ahead of Yoko Ono’s exhibition entitled ‘Yoko Ono: One Woman Show 1960–1971’, at MoMA, New York, from May 17–September 7, 2015.

The 159 page hardback book is available across selected UK Tiger stores for £10.

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