Ashes To Ashes is a cool new fashion brand founded by Tokyo native Chikashi Ojima. He’s already collaborated with Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre as well as artist Jim Lambie to create new range of Rock ‘n’ Roll inspired menswear that oozes attitude.

ashes to ashes

What was the inspiration behind Ashes to Ashes?
Real culture like music, film, art and fashion. We hate hype.

How do the designs reflect that inspiration?
We embody something inspired us, and then we put the essence into the patterns and details. For example, our icon of eye that make people to feel thought and religion, but it is just homage to David Bowie.

ashes to ashes

How did the collaborations with Anton from Brian Jonestown Massacre and Jim Lambie come about?
We respect Anton and Jim, they permitted us.

The clothes have a very rock n roll feel. What’s your background?
I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll. I believe in the culture of Rock ‘n’ Roll in terms of spirituality, even if it’s a different genre.

ashes to ashes

What soundtrack do you work to?
A lot of great music saves us and make us move forward. Across the genre and border.

Who would you like to see wearing Ashes To Ashes?
We would like the people who loves Ashes To Ashes to wear our clothes.

ashes to ashes

How does Tokyo inspire you?
Tokyo is beautiful like the film “Lost in Translation”, but sometimes Tokyo turns into the sick city with violence. Both have inspired us.

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